The Highland Park Cactus and Succulent Society Spring Sale and Market


When: Sunday May 27th 2018 8am to 11:30am

Where: The Hermosillo Parking lot on York Blvd located at: 

 5125 York Blvd
 Los Angeles, CA 90042

100% of the profits from the plant sale will be directly donated to the North Central Animal Shelter located on Lacy Street!

 What will we have at the sale:

– Hundreds or cactus / succulents

– Highland Park Society / Highland Park Cactus and Succulent Society merchandise

– Rosie Bunny Bean will be in the house!! (Highland park based) 

-1802 Roasters who offer locally roasted specialty coffee along with local organic french pastries will be there

– Organic eggs for sale from the Farmer in the Hood (Mt. Washington Based)

 – Buzzed Honeys will be selling local honey and educating on humane bee removal and preservation (Mt Washington Based)

– Organic Highland Park grown Sage bundles (Grown and bound with LOVE in Highpand Park) 

– Corkie + Pepper will be selling locally made pet accessories (Highland Park Residents) 

– Chloe’s House will be there selling handcrafted pet memorabilia made ( Mt. Washington Resident) 

– Connie Rohman will be selling her beautiful artwork (Mt. Washington Resident) 

– The Fruitstitute will be there educating on how to grow and keep your backyard citrus happy and healthy

– Artist Nancy Pearce will be selling one solid bronze dog bones!!!

– WOWWOW gals will be providing free mani’s and pedi’s for your fur baby (Highland Park Based Business)

– The Pet Groupies will be in the house painting doggie and kitty faces for event goers as well as snapping your photos in their photo booth! 

– Tully’s Training will be in a booth teaching all of us how to sit and shake! 

– We will be raffling off two huge prizes at the event made up of lovely generously donated items and gift certificates. Raffle tickets are $1 each and will be available for purchase Monday through Friday at the Hermosillo from 5 to 8 pm and all day Friday, Sat. and Sun from noon to 8!!!!! 


*** If you have any of the following unwanted items we will also be collecting the items below  to donate to the North Central Animal Shelter:

 Please note all items can be old or new!

 Dog or cat beds Linens 

Towels and blankets and sheets

Newspapers Stainless steel bowls of all sizes

Ceramic crocks / anything that holds food or water

Plastic or stainless steel litter pans (all sizes)

Dog and cat treats (hard and soft)

Dog and cat toys(including washable stuffed toys)

Guinea pig, hamster, gerbil food & cages

(timothy or oat) Cat scratching posts

Baby wipes Potty-training pads

Heating pads

Dog and cat carriers

Baby bottles (newborn) and kitten bottles


Fabric softener sheets

Dog and cat groom supplies shampoo, conditioner, brushes, clippers 

See you there!!!!!

To Donate Directly to the Event Please Click Here: